We do it the #BESTweCAN

We design in such a way that would be usable and highly valuable for our users. We continuously develop new features and enhance the existing ones to make sure that Abizo® is able to respond to the needs of our clients.

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About Us

Galileo Software Services Inc. is a tech company focused on delivering a digital platform that excites businesses and promotes safety to Filipinos worldwide.  Established in 2011, Galileo has since been working with various organizations, to deliver its brand promise to protect their revenue, reduce operation expenses, and enable them to provide new services.

Our Vision

Safety as a way of life through Galileo-enabled tech.

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In everything that we do, in every decision that we make, we constantly remind ourselves to do and give the BESTweCAN, knowing what each letter represents for us.

Bold Thinking

We seek better ways to do our job, improve our product, and support our clients.  We create new ideas and are able to articulate them.

Entrepreneurial Empathy

We want our clients to become successful when they use our product.  This is why we spend time getting to know them – their needs and capabilities – and build Abizo® based on their actual user stories.


We exemplify safety in the way we work and live.  By incorporating safety features in our product, we also enable the users of our products to engage in safe mobile lifestyle.


We speak only the truth about our business, products, and capabilities.  This is why our clients trust us to deliver what we committed to them.


Team Lozada is composed of husband and wife Jun and Violet, and their children Moses, Abe, and Madi. They are joined by dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to keep the organization together, ensure the success of Galileo, and bring the technology to as many Filipinos and businesses as possible.


We don’t count the hours we put in, instead, we count how much of our hard work is relevant for the company, our teammates, and our clients.


We know what is expected from us and we work to exceed that expectation. We take responsibility over our actions and decisions.


We love the Philippines and its people. That is why look for ways to translate our values in a way that would benefit Filipinos and Filipino businesses. We developed a technology that will help keep our Filipino migrant workers safe. We collaborate with institutions to bring this technology to the hands of Filipinos allover the world.

Meet our Founder

Jun Lozada is the Founder and CEO of Galileo Software Services Inc.

Jun values, most of all, character, hard work, and integrity. He has a vision for a better community. His success comes from his capability to work well with others in building a plan and his leadership executing the plan. During his public career in Government, Jun mainly focused on socio economic programs – ranging from developing social, economic, and environmental program for communities living in publicly owned forestlands to planning the National Broadband Network for the Philippines.

He is now intent in making Digital Transformation faster and more affordable for organizations through Galileo’s latest product – The Abizo.

He has garnered numerous awards in recognition of his professional and exemplary public contributions. Jun was among the 11 awardees of the Most Outstanding Manilans of 2009, along with notable figures like former President Cory Aquino, Jaime Zobel de Ayala, George Ty, Henry Sy Sr., Manny Villar, Marixi Prieto, Mike Enriquez, Gabby Lopez, and Gina Lopez. He is also one of the top 100 alumni of the College of Engineering of the University of Santo Tomas.

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We Make The Abizo® Platform

We design it in such a way that would be usable and highly valuable for its users.  We continuously develop new features and enhance the existing ones to make sure that Abizo® is able to respond to the needs of our clients.  We have a team that not only promotes our product, but also support our clients’ journey towards digitally transforming their operations.  Our Service Delivery and Service Desk teams are always ready to support our onboarding and current platform users to ensure that our clients become successful through the Abizo®.