Peace of Mind
— that our Children are Safe

A spate of isolated incidents ranging from kidnapping to drug use and a host of accidents and misdemeanors in between continue to be encountered by our schools, oftentimes creating painful conflict between parents and school authorities. Parents need the peace of mind that their children are safe in the hands of the school.

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Safety & Security
Beyond Guards & Guns

All schools maintain a full service security agency to secure the school premises. However, the schools continue to look for new processes and technology for the safety and security of the students to maintain zero casualty, reduce incidents to a minimum and to increase its capability to respond to an incident.

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Turning to the ubiquitous
mobile phone

Abizo™ is a cost-effective solution of expanding the current safety & security efforts of our schools. Abizo™ contributes by providing a handy tool to call for emergency assistance, report safety issues and to receive security advisories. The significant advantage of Abizo™ is the ability to provide these enhanced security services even during off campus activities of the students.

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Concern for others
is in our DNA

Galileo Software Services is built on the shared vision of the founders desire to stop the rampant robbery of mobile phones that many times ends fatally to the phone owner. Our concern for others led us to donate an app for accident reporting named PARAK to the Highway Patrol Group of the PNP. This same concern led to us to a commercial engagement to develop the mobile platform for the largest emergency medical provider — Lifeline Rescue.

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Proven credibility,
honest partners

Schools can depend upon the publicly proven credibility of the Galileo team management as honest partners for the safety of their community. We believe that the best way to achieve our own peace of mind is to give it to someone else.

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Your Choice

A safe & secure
place for learning

Galileo has chosen to offer the Abizo™ platform to schools. We believe that it is joint responsibility between the schools officials, parents, students, law enforcers, emergency responders, and the community to create a safe and secure environment for our children.

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Call to Action

"We never thought it would happen here!"

This is what most school administrators said right after a fatal accident or a crime happened in their school. Abizo™ offers our schools a safety platform to reduce risk, increase operational capability and to make it easy to share critical information with first responders during an emergency. And most importantly a system capable of keeping data records of all school related incidents that will be critical in the court litigation against our schools that usually follows after an incident.

I want peace of mind that they're safe.

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